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About NorthFit

NorthFit is a Personal Training, Group Fitness, Pilates and Nutritional Coaching Business. The classes are held at PowerPlay Health and Fitness in Yanchep.

NorthFit also offers online training programs and coaching using a comprehensive fitness app with an extensive database of exercise and nutrition information. Choose from a fully personalised training program or one of our many pre-built programs for strength, conditioning, weight loss, mobility and nutrition. 

Personal Training: 

Taking on a PT program with NorthFit is a great way to ensure you're working smarter not harder! Access the knowledge and expertise of an experienced Personal Trainer and start working towards smashing your fitness goals! Whether you're wanting to sculpt a specific physique, lose weight, gain muscle, tone-up, improve strength, flexibility or cardio fitness, or just feel better in general, a PT program is an effective way to achieve your goals because it's tailored specifically to suit you and your ambitions. 

Body Composition Analysis, Goal Setting, Nutrition Coaching 

A body composition analysis and goal setting sessions allows client's to set realistic and relevant goals that are measurable, clear, and exciting! NorthFit also offers nutritional coaching for client's who would like some guidance around healthy food choices that align with their fitness goals. You can read more about these services on the 'book online' page. 

About PowerPlay Health and Fitness, Yanchep 

Powerplay Health and Fitness is a state of the art gym in Yanchep. They offer fantastic facilities, amazing group fitness classes and an excellent creche at very competitive rates. If you would like to sign up to PowerPlay to have full access to their facility and classes, please follow this link 24 Hour Fitness | PowerPlay Health & Fitness | Australia (

Why NorthFit for Personal Training, Group Fitness and Nutrition

Suitable for Beginners through to professional athletes 




Guidance and support 





Professional Trainer 

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